Extremely Rare 1962 Disney Gorilla Wax Figure Prototype

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Have you ever seen a Gorilla branded by Walt Disney?  Probably not.  This is the rarest of the rare when it comes to wax mold figures.  It is not the same gorilla made by Mold A Rama that you would find at zoos.  Before Mold A Rama Walt Disney was working with another manufacturer of mold wax figure machines to place in the newly opened Disneyland.  It never made it beyond prototype stages.  In 1964 Disney branded Mold A Rama machines as "Disneyland Toy Factory" for the 1964 Worlds Fair and would produce Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck Etc..  This was the predecessor to those mold figures.  Only 3 Gorillas are known to exist and one of which is damaged. 

*Information is to the best of our knowledge, relying on 3rd party sources.  Because of its rarity little to nothing is published and very few resources exist.